On The Far Side of The Moon

Moon. “…Two weeks to go buddy……..”
"two more weeks buddy....."

I just downloaded the haunting soundtrack by Clint Mansell (The Wrestler, The Fountain, Definitely Maybe)

This is a small movie that you have to look for. It only lasted one week at one of my local theatres, pushed out for more summer blockbusters. I found it online yesterday only to arrive at the threatre and it wasn’t posted as playing. After asking, it was there, hidden. About 20 people ended up inside which made us very happy – lots of elbow room.

I loved this and will buy and add it to my sci-fi collection. I liked Roger Ebert’s ( <-- click )review. The film goes beyond a good tale ( a nicely written one too) into deep questions about loneliness, isolation & morality. Sam Bell played by Sam Rockwell is fantastic. The gentle voice of Gerty is Kevin Spacey (whom became forever endeared to me after K-PAX which I've watched about 10 times) and he does a first rate job as the computer. Some cool facts about this film: A. This is the first film by David Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones. Joey (real name) pursued a PhD degree at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee but left before completion to attend London Film School, where he graduated as a director. B. This film is going to be part of a trilogy. (You get that feel at the end of this one)

Duncan and David Bowie at premiere of Moon.

Duncan and David Bowie at premiere of Moon.

To hear one of my favorite tracks click here and listen on youtube. Very beautiful~
click here
When the violins start about half way I want to cry. ~

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