Freaky Deaky Place to Get Babies

The funniest SNL I’ve seen in ages. Who else but Madonna would think babies from the Moon would be boring? I for one am curious about the baby Island – where of course you could just gather babies ( like shell collecting I presume?)

Due to copyright you must view the video on NBC which is ok by me – the quality is superb.

Madonna vs Agelina re: babies

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t scorn women who want lots of children, I am the true supporter of all things Mia Farrow. I do however, scorn women that and rich and famous and seem to want only children from another country.  I ‘d like to see both of them go get a white kid off the streets very much in style of Tracy Ulman who has already done a satire on this very subject.

Tracy\’s Malawi adoption <– youtube link

I only hope he survives giving up Taco Bell – that’s asking a lot. They’ve just added volcano beef burritos.

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