In love with Stanley Tucci

There are certain actors that for some magical reach middle age and also reach the peak of their talent at the same time. One of those people for me was always Bill H. Macy – but another is Stanley Tucci and he’s the subject of this writing.

This revelation came to me recently after watching Julie & Julia where he brilliantly plays Julia Child’s husband, partner and best friend, and the man who gave Julie her last name, Paul Child.

This scene from Julie/Julia shows the great chemistry and fabulous eye contact he possesses. He is one of those actors that really “connects” with the other actors all while being able to steal a scene.

Julie & Julia scene

Stanley was in Road to Perdition which is an all time favorite film of mine. He didn’t have a huge role but it was there I realized how his characters in films are always so well done, always making me think, wait- who is that again?  And he just keeps getting better.

I ran accross this Levi ad from the 80’s.  Omg – he’s fantastic looking. Can he act too?

501 ad

Then last night I watched “The Lovely Bones” directed by Peter Jackson. After I was blown away with Tucci in this film, I read review after review of why many critics didn’t like this film and I was stunned.  I liked it a lot, in fact compare it to “Little Children” (2006) in it’s creepy yet haunting and well acted story. “TL Bones” is creepy and fantasy-like at the same time. It’s a huge story and a wonderful book and hard to put on film. Ebert thought it was deplorable. Some critics say the film is all over the place.  All I can say is, the prose and horror at the same time is haunting. Tucci is brilliant. His eyes, his eyes, his eyes – he is unforgettable in this.

Interview-quick trailer-The Lovely Bones

And then I just read his wife had just died of cancer during the shooting of it.  Amazing.

Now I am off to look for Blind Date which Tucci stars and directs.

Just by seeing this I kinda love it already.

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  • Stevels / January 17, 2010 at 10:08 am

    I’m glad you published this blog because there are so few actors with true talent today. Stanley Tucci proves that he is a master of his craft in every movie that he does and deserves all the accolades he receives.


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