Marc Pickering May be the Best Cast Pick for a TV show EVER.

As sad as I was to see a great TV series come to an end, I am still marveling this morning about the casting choice to play the young adult version of Enoch Nucky Thompson in the last four episodes (out of 8) of the finale season.  Even with prosthetic teeth (which actually looked fake) I don’t think any fans cared, as they like I, was startled and almost jumped out of my seat when he first appeared in Episode 5, King of Norway.  I have never seen a casting choice this good in a TV series.

In this first scene we are introduced to the young deputy – in later episodes, even Marc’s voice and furrowed brow perfectly mimic the mannerisms and speech of Buscemi –  plus an excellent acting job as well.  I see an Emmy in his future.

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Marc Pickering, Steve Buscemi (2,3)

Marc Pickering, Steve Buscemi (now, then)

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