No More New Book Smell

but they smell like plastic.

but they smell like plastic.

Seems like Jeff  (Amazon CEO) has done it again — although when I first saw the 500.00 price tag I had to ask myself,  “Wouldn’t that be like buying 35 hardbacks at about 10 bucks?”  How long did it take you to buy your last 35?  I rest my case.  The hidden secret is the wifi connection.  That one time price of 500.00 retail covers downloading books from Amazon indefinitely?  It’s hard to argue that would be high after I compare what I pay with my cable company and cell phone bills.

I can download books on my iphone now.  However, the screen is too bright and tiny for longs periods of reading so the new kindle is an interesting idea.  My old fashioned love affair with “new book smell” might be old hat,  but I’d miss it.  Plus, how do you write a lovely inscription as a gift on an E-book?   As cool as this all is, it makes me want to stroll through some old book stores and browse 1st editions,  maybe stumbling on some  wonderful old illustrations that I can touch, smell and feel.  Anyone see the movie “Definitely Maybe”? Someone wanna give me a lovely old edition of Jayne Eyre?  I’d pass out!   😀

A part of me is too sensual for technology –I’m torn – I love both.

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