The Art of Tarantino

Finally watched this thing last night.

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

While “Death Proof” still remains my all time favorite Tarantino film,  most of his are always always memorable even if I mildly liked it. This one was pretty good for me. The photography, camera angles, were great ~ such an artist.
The fact he wrote this stuff and had 3 (or was it 4?) different languages goin on amazes me. *head spins*

Christoph Waltz was as mesmerizing as Hans Landa. Seriously I see why he won a Golden Globe.

My favorite scene was Christoph and Denis Menochet (fabulous to watch this guy too) in the countryside in the farm scene. I’ve replayed my tape of this three times. 😛
They had light beamed down onto the kitchen table (go rewatch – this is awesome) ~  light bounces up to the two character’s faces – making the tension even more papable plus creating a beautiful almost painting effect.  As the two characters are talking,  you the viewer feel more and more tension knowing people are hidden under the floorboards,  all the while you see a tranquil back drop of the country kitchen and hear cows, birds chirping and are watching a quiet scene knowing soon……well….. (no spoilers)  but that’s the brilliance of Tarantino.

You can google any Tarantino film and see fabulous art made from the stills.
Here’s the scene I was talking about:

His films have a look only he achieves.

I scoured the internet looking for some stills that made an impression on me. I ran across a few that stood out ~ If you’ve never watched a Tarantino film you’ll be surprised at the beauty but don’t be fooled ~ they are over-the-top violent.

Only publicity stills but I liked them better than anything I found with this character – Bridget von Hammersmark; a funny name that made me think he named this character combining Brigitte Bardot and Marlene Dietrich? Works for me. :]

Incredible shot. A man above the rather ugly charicature Hitler creating a gigantic realistic painting of the “real” Hitler. Cool perspective.

For anyone out there that likes this post and the images ~ help me find more. I’ll host them. I would love to find an image of the “eyes under the floorboards” from “the farm” scene.
Any other cool images from this film? – feel free to leave comments/links.

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