Harvey and I sit in the bars, have a drink or two, play the jukebox. And soon their faces turn toward mine and smile.”

~ Elwood P. Dowd
from the Pulitzer Prize winning play- Harvey

I love:
Painting with Mary Cassatt or standing in the garden at Thornfield.

l write memoirs, personal essays, and movie blogs – I am a published writer, online as well as print. My personality is a bit like Spanky (of “Our Gang”) so I’ll probably tell you what I think. I love humor above everything, heavenly perfume, and film noir. I hate ants in my kitchen. I’m the complete opposite of myself. I write, sing, play piano, and memorize “stand up”. I am obsessed with movies, photography, and digital painting.

I used to hang out in video game stores, occasionally freaking out 12-year-olds, looking over their shoulders, whispering, “You can’t beat that boss… with that weapon.”

I am not afraid of cancer.

I am afraid of cancer treatment.


~ Marsha Leigh lives in Southern California – “Kind of” Retired, married, one daughter in grad school-one rag doll cat.