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This is going to be a grand experiment. I am going to begin making diary entries. I will share these with close friends and family. I invite your comments if you’d like. If you just want to read-only, that’s fine too.

I recently found an old email from years ago from an adoptive cousin sent of my grandmother’s daily diary. The diary was from the fifties and sixties till she died. It was one of those diary books where you only wrote a few lines each day showing the date and the year. You could compare over a year or even five year’s worth of entries– all the little snippets of her life. I learned so much in just those few little sentences and loved seeing her handwriting. Some of her writings only had weather. One read, “Rained hard today, Jim and Jerry both came over after school. Edith wrote a long letter.”

That was it. She saw her grandkids a lot. Edith (my adoptive mom lived in California) and had just recently brought a new baby home from the hospital. That would have been me. My cousin carefully omitted any mention of the “A” word. Adoption. A secret one at that. More soon in this section. I’ve already gone over the limit I set. If I had written 2 lines like she had, it would say something like:

“A lot about the Trump trial on TV today. Warming up now, the nights are still cool. Saw a post today online by a very old schoolmate I had searched for over the years. I might get up the nerve to write her….I’ll think about it.”

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