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Why Servant (Apple tv+) Series Works So Well

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A Few Recent Films:Nutshells

Here are a few recent and excellent (2014-2015) films you may not have heard about by genre. Thriller/Sci-fi/Horror A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014) Very stylish B&W with a 50’s James Dean/beatnik vibe. An Iranian (filmed in California) hipster vamp that preys primarily on men that mistreat women. Directed and written by Ana […]

Marc Pickering May be the Best Cast Pick for a TV show EVER.

I have never seen a casting choice this good in any T.V. series.

Hideaway(2009): Say It In Three

Director: François Ozon Cast: Isabelle Carré, Louis-Ronan Choisy, Pierre Louis-Calixte In French w/ subtitles Rated: Not Rated Running time: 88 minutes Hideaway (Le Refuge 2009) Bizarre Story: A drug addicted woman is found barely clinging to life, is unknowingly pregnant,  with her dead boyfriend laying close by. She leaves, rents a lovely cottage, and welcomes […]

Still falling for “The Fall”

A tribute to movie making.  A fairytale.   A love story.   A work of art.  A labor of love. After my 4th viewing of this amazing film, I decided to put it up there with all the timeless romantic classics I’ve purchased,  The Wizard of Oz,  Wuthering Heights, Casablanca, The Time Machine (2 versions) etc. […]

Smoke Still Gets in My Eyes

One of my favorite romantic films of all time. I think Spielberg may have assembled one of the best casts ever – several scenes are ad-libed to perfection which remain classic. I think I’ve seen it over 20 times – not sure. All I know is if you have a favorite film in which when […]

A Serious Movie

A Serious Man The Cohen brothers are one of my favorite movie makers. They’ve done it again with this one – one that I’ll watch again to find tidbits – too much to chew on viewing only once as usual. Probably the best review was done here: Roger Ebert’s review Great choice of a rabbi […]

The Art of Tarantino

Finally watched this thing last night. Inglourious Basterds (2009) While “Death Proof” still remains my all time favorite Tarantino film,  most of his are always always memorable even if I mildly liked it. This one was pretty good for me. The photography, camera angles, were great ~ such an artist. The fact he wrote this […]

In love with Stanley Tucci

There are certain actors that for some magical reach middle age and also reach the peak of their talent at the same time. One of those people for me was always Bill H. Macy – but another is Stanley Tucci and he’s the subject of this writing. This revelation came to me recently after watching […]