Little Sister ~Big Heart

On a brisk Christmas Eve morning in a well-known desert town of California, two sisters meet for the first time. An old Polaroid brings back to life an event that forever changed my life. My dad captured us with the same affection in our almost matching green eyes looking back at the man that brought […]

How to Discourage a Woman

  Hey men – this is easy really when you consider what our (women) weakness is . We are helpless when you tell us things – using words — even better. The story is old, I realize that women talk “too” much and men are always waiting for the bottom line – all the while […]

My Salad Dressings are Not in Alpha Order

Living one’s life as a perfectionist along with growing up with a mom suffering from the same disorder is far from perfect. I say “disorder” in the kindest terms possible because there is a misconception in either direction about how we perfectionists view our lives, and those that view how we behave. Here are the […]

My Time on Earth

The 1st time I heard this song and artist was watching Maureen Reagan’s funeral on TV in 2001. I instantly knew I’d want this song played at my own. This post is dedicated to everyone at work today on March 30. Hugs to everyone. We lost a co-worker today. RIP. (there is no video (black) […]

Traveling Without a Plane

Blog from 2009: I am on an expedition to find myself this year. That means travel but it doesn’t necessarily mean I have to leave my house. I am serious about learning a painting program I love and becoming more skillful at Photoshop. I decided on making myself practice at least 2 hours a day […]
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Freaky Deaky Place to Get Babies

The funniest SNL I’ve seen in ages. Who else but Madonna would think babies from the Moon would be boring? I for one am curious about the baby Island – where of course you could just gather babies ( like shell collecting I presume?) Due to copyright you must view the video on NBC which […]

the Blog inside another blog

Very much like “baby inside another baby” as in the freaky deaky Russian place to get babies according to fake Angolina on SNL.  I’ll link the SNL shortly but in the meantime – go check out the LAX blog.