Bec and her mom have a text discussion when young adult Bec lived at home.

Early today:

Bec: Ewwwwwww.

Me:  😮 

Bec: Whaaa iizz this?

Me: Where?

Bec: Near the cat box.

Me: *Scrunches face*..hmmm, a baby (chewed up) regurgitated lizard?

Bec: OMG.

Me: Exactly.

Bec: It’s wet and I stepped on with my (dry) sock.

Me: I am not liking even talking about that, can you help get rid?

Bec: I am NOT touching that.

Me: *while wiping out cat box* Can you scoop it in the towel and throw it out?

Bec: I am NOT touching that even without touching that!

Me: Pleeease. I will pay.

Both:  * laughter *

Bec: Do you have the litter scooper?

Me: * hands it over *

Bec: Ok…done.

Me: Please don’t ever move. 

Bec: <3

Me: JK

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