Where has all the pistachio gone?

A while back on St.Pat’s I made this video about a desert of Pistachio ice cream with Kahlua.  Since then, all the grocery stores in my area have completely stopped carrying Haagen Dazs Pistachio – which by the way is the only true pistachio as far as I’m concerned.  31 Flavors makes fake pistachio with almonds.  So why don’t they just call it almond ice cream?  Nooo, they die it green – do they think we’re imbeciles? 😉

Let’s have icecream

Is was this video where I took that picture that everyone seems to like. yay for overexposure.

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  • admin / August 2, 2008 at 11:01 pm

    I’m looking for recommendations for pistachio. Ben & Jerry’s = fail. sorry. I tried Breyers too. nope. Can anyone recommend anything? I hear Rite Aid might have a good one.


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