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Where has all the pistachio gone?

A while back on St.Pat’s I made this video about a desert of Pistachio ice cream with Kahlua.  Since then, all the grocery stores in my area have completely stopped carrying Haagen Dazs Pistachio – which by the way is the only true pistachio as far as I’m concerned.  31 Flavors makes fake pistachio with […]
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WordPress iphone APP

It now appears WordPress is almost ready to release 1.1 which isn’t in ITUNES yet. You can read more about it in  I still can’t log on from my phone from version 1.0.  I have a new friend on myspace who was successful…she has several sites including one made with her iphone. Magda does […]
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wordpress from my iphone

Iphone 3g has a wordpress app. Watch for blogging via my cell.  How cool is that? 😉